20 August 2017 emilebecdrelon

My Top 5 After Effects Scripts

It’s been a bunch of time that people are asking me what script I usually use in my projects. I have a ton of them but some are more usefull than the others. So here is a short list of the one that I think you must have !


  1. Reposition Anchor Point (or Move Anchor Point)

Everything is in the name ! This script allows you to reposition the anchor point of any type of layers. It gets really usefull with shape layers which when they are created get their default anchor point from the center of your composition (This makes me mad all the time even if I guess there is a logic behind it). So it is crucial to move this point to correctly  play with the parameters of you layer : position rotation, scale etc… You can of course do this by hand (“A” shortcut). But this handsome little script actually calculates the exact size of your layer so that the repositionning (repositionning?) of your anchor point is precise to the pixel. So it’s just an incredible time saver.

And believe it or not, it is totally free ! You just have to put “0” in the “name your own price” form. Go download it right now on AE Script : (https://aescripts.com/repositionanchorpoint)

Even though it’s free, I can’t recommend you enough to actually give a little something when you buy it. The time you save with it is time you save for your clients !


2. Pt Shift Layer

Oh yes this one is also a keeper ! Huge time saver. A little bit more option in this one but I specifically use it for it’s layer shifting option. Let’s say you have a composition with at least a hundred animated layers, but you want their animation to be progressive, you want the layers to animate one after the other. Let’s say you are a little maniac about clean comps like I am and that you also want your delay to be steady (regular?), say 5 frames. By rightfully positioning your playback line (I have no idea how it’s actually called) and selecting your layers in the right order, you can automatise the shifting thanks to Pt Shift Layers. I think for a hundred layers that would take you 5 minutes by hand (and god that’s boring), with this script, i would say 10 seconds !

Once more, this one is free on AE Scripts (“name your own price”)



3. Curva Script

Not a free script this time but as usefull as the others. For 16$, select a path inside of any shape layer you want and apply the script. The path is gonna form itself (just like with a Trim Path effect), but this time you’ll be able to choose an entry point and a exit point on you shape. I find it especially usefull for words / letters animation. Small bonus, in addition of choosing your in and out points, you can choose the type of animation you want : ease in, ease out, or even a precise value if you need.

Find it on VideoHive 😉


4. Mirror and Offset

A well made script with lots of options that will allow you to manipulate keyframes really easily. Copy them, switch their order or shift them. Not really usefull when I say it like this right? The thing that makes it usefull is that you can apply all of those to multiple layers at the same time. What would take you ages to do by hand is now automatic. It makes you avoid small anoying mistakes and saves you some time ! 5$ for this little guy though. Think it trough if you need it 😉


5. Duik

The one and only ! You might already know it. Updated regularly, it’s a 100% free and so advanced ! I’m not even using all of its abilities. It allows you to create a proper character rig (complete animation of all you character joints), to properly smooth your keys, to simulate bouncing movement (that’s what she said?), collision, wiggle etc… Anyway, I put it in 5th position but it really is a must have for every motion graphic designer !


Bonus : Explode Shape Layer

First the name is awesome… More seriously, I put it in “bonus” because it’ll only be usefull to you if, like me, you love and use shape layers all the time. A little expensive (30$), but probably the script that litterally saved me days (not even kidding). You can split different groups on a same shape layer, or the opposite, gather different shape layers to make one with separate groups. Select a stroke or a fill in one click instead of going deep into your layer properties. Also, when you import a design from Illustrator and make it a shape layer you can remove the artboard in one click. You know what I mean, the fricking annoying frame present on every single groups of your shape layer and that doesn’t remotely have the same shape as your actual object and that screw up all of your calculations when you start animating ! YES this one ! Anyway… I’d kill for this script. or sell my soul to Emma Watson (that’s a lie, I’d do that for free).

Have a nice day folks !

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