23 June 2015 emilebecdrelon

Drones in France

Legislation about drones in France is… a huge mess. No one tells you the same rules. Some say you need a permit, some say you don’t. The truth is even worse. If you happend to have a drone, and if you have a camera attached to it, you will need a permit that has absolutely nothing to do with the proper using of a drone : a ULM (Microlight) Licence. And believe me when i tell you that nothing in this test is about drone control. Air pressure, ULM’s pilot status during a flight, emergency measures inside of the cockpit ; but not a single question specifically drone related.

The things i’ve learn during my training was that before any flight, you need :

  • Your theoretical ULM Pilot Degree,
  • A flight permission for the area you fly over (by the owner or by the city hall),
  • Present what’s called in french a « Manuel d’Activités Particulières » wich is a detailled plan of your aerial shooting schedule,
  • A drone lighter than 2,5 Kilograms (5,5 Pounds),
  • A drone accredit (S1 and S3)

And if you’re still alive after gathering all of these documents, you have to know a few things :

  • You can’t fly over a crowd
  • You can’t fly by night
  • You can’t make a commercial use of footage you shot illegally (without authorisations …)

Everybody understands that safety comes first. But we still seriously need to clarify theses rules. The drone market is getting bigger everyday, and i’m pretty sure i’m not the only lost one. France is one of the pioneer in drone legislation wich is great, but more people need to be involved in the process, especially professionnals.

What is it like in your country ? If you’re from France, what am i missing ? Feel free to react and comment !

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