2 July 2015 emilebecdrelon

Andrew Kramer?

Who’s that guy ? Seriously ?

When someone ask me who is the person i would most like to meet in the entire world, i always answer Andrew Kramer. Well that’s not true, i usually first pick Emma Watson… But anyway, he is one of person i would most like to talk with.

Why you ask ? Some of you will think this is just a fanboy story but it’s really more than this. Andrew Kramer is, for me, one of the most inspiring people on the internet (about Video in general). I think many VFX artists or motion designers can say they watch their first tutorial on Video Copilot. And i think that’s awesome ! It’s now such a cliche to go on Video Copilot and i can’t understand why ! Of course, too many people come there to download project files without really caring about the « How it’s made » part. But let’s not forget « where we come from », let’s not forget that this guy and the crew behind him made us discover a sofware with infinite possibilities.

Video Copilot started in 2005. And 10 years later, each new tutorial they release make me discover a new feature of After Effects. And the crazy part is that this feature usually exist since After Effect CS3 / CS4 ! I thought during a really long time that nobody could one day say « Okay, I finally mastered After Effects… 100% ». I now think that this dude can !

So if like me you need a figure to move forward, to push your limits, watch his recent Keynote Speech (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KBZj0nHCDw) This is one of the most inspiring things i’ve ever seen / hearded. And… i’ll say it… I almost cry a little… at the end.

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