My Top 5 After Effects Scripts

Bonus : Explode Shape Layer

First the name is awesome… More seriously, I put it in “bonus” because it’ll only be usefull to you if, like me, you love and use shape layers all the time. A little expensive (30$), but probably the script that litterally saved me days (not even kidding). You can split different groups on a same shape layer, or the opposite, gather different shape layers to make one with separate groups. Select a stroke or a fill in one click instead of going deep into your layer properties. Also, when you import a design from Illustrator and make it a shape layer you can remove the artboard in one click. You know what I mean, the fricking annoying frame present on every single groups of your shape layer and that doesn’t remotely have the same shape as your actual object and that screw up all of your calculations when you start animating ! YES this one ! Anyway… I’d kill for this script. or sell my soul to Emma Watson (that’s a lie, I’d do that for free).

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